Inspire Me Beautiful

OK, ok, ok... so i am very behind in blogging period.... I started this out a few weeks ago saying that I was very behind in blogging my experience at IMB workshop, but i clearly see that i am just plain old behind in everything! (wedding planning is getting the best of me!) I should start this out by saying what an amazing time I had! I got to meet Amber Fite of Amber Fite Photography and Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful by Karen Marie. If you haven't seen their work, its absolutely gorgeous! Go check them out! I should also add that I got to spend the weekend with my very dear friend Paula Calhoun of Paula Calhoun Photography. We had a fabulous weekend!

Friday night started off with a gorgeous Rainbow momma and butterfly release! Afterwards we headed to cheesecake factory!!!!! yes, lots of !!!!! because y'all probably know its one of my favorite places... How lucky could a girl get? for real? If you saw my Facebook live, I promise the next post will be about the images we took when we were sent out to scout locations! For now though, you will have endure an oxytocin increase but looking at these beautiful newborn photos!