Introducing: The All Dolled Up Sessions

What comes after the 1 year old photo session and cake smash? Professional studio photography for babies ages 18 months to 3 years old.* If you haven't had your baby professionally photographed yet, now is the time! Fine art of your toddler. Remembering your baby the way you want to remember her.

Introducing the "All Dolled Up" fine art portrait sessions. 

Remember when our parents dressed us up for special occasions and fancy family photos? Bonnets, bloomers and a big puffy dress? Nothing says formal portraits better than this. There are sessions that are fun for posting on social media and then, there are sessions like these, a fine art experience, the "All Dolled Up" sessions that are perfect for a beautifully framed canvas on the wall. This portrait of a 2 year old, Miss V is going to live on for generations to come.

The All Dolled Up session is a fine art portrait experience for your toddler. A small memory of keeping your baby a baby, before she becomes a little girl. Timeless portraits for toddlers.

The All Dolled Up session is a fine art portrait experience for your toddler. A small memory of keeping your baby a baby, before she becomes a little girl. Timeless portraits for toddlers.

"All Dolled Up" sessions are up to 30 minutes long. Session fee is an introductory price of $200 and a dress is provided. When you book now, you will receive 15% off all prints and products through July 31, 2018. 4 year olds can also participate in the All Dolled Up session.

Newborn session at home | Palo Alto | Campbell Kamine Photography

Baby Rose... Ahhh the little girls... This was an in home newborn session. Occasionally we will do a newborn session at home, space, especially here in the Bay Area is sometimes an issue. ...but not today! And I was grateful for that! 

Rainbow Baby Maternity Session at the Inspire Me Beautiful workshop

Oh my WOW!!!! So.... I had the pleasure of being able to attend the Inspire Me Beautiful workshop in April. It was a total win win for me because it was pretty much right in my backyard here in California.

Our first day at the workshop was nothing short of amazing! We did this very special Rainbow Baby Maternity session that had an extra surprise to it... LIVE BUTTERFLIES!!!! The mom was so surprised and super grateful for what Karen and Amber did for her. We got to show off the new butterfly Rainbow train from Sew Trendy (one of my favorite places for mommas to get their maternity gowns).

The night just got better as we ended up having a fun dinner at Cheesecake Factory, (one of my favorite places!) We had a fabulous group and I got to meet so many new photographers! 

Enjoy these gorgeous images from the Rainbow Baby Maternity session!


Kimberly Kamine is a Maternity, Newborn, Birth and Family photographer who serves all of the San Francisco Bay area. If you are a mom having a rainbow baby and would like a rainbow baby maternity session, give us a call! Or... If you know a mom who is having a rainbow baby and would like to surprise her with the gift of a rainbow baby maternity session, I'm your lady! Let's make her feel super special! 

SF Bay Area | Newborn Photography | Welcome Baby Malia

Oh little Malia! She was such a sweet little girl to have in the studio. Her mom contacted me about 2 months before Malia was due.When moms contact me early enough, we can even get a maternity session in! When Malia was born her mom called right away to schedule her baby girl newborn photography session. About 4 weeks after her session her newborn pictures were ready and Malia, Mom and Dad met me in my office for their big reveal session! At the Reveal session Mom and Dad watched slideshow of all the images we took during the session and this is when they were able to choose their favorite images. This little girl is so loved! Enjoy! and feel free to leave a comment! 

Pregnancy Announcement | San Jose Birth Photographer | Silver Creek

As you can see, almost nothing I do is in color. but this pregnancy announcement just couldn't be done in black and white. SO here is the very rare color and posed shoot you will ever see from me... ;)

Day in the Life | Silicon Valley | Little Z

Family photography, that is not your average family session! Day in the Life family sessions are a different kind of family photography. The unposed raw and real life version, the giggles, the cereal slurping, meltdowns, messes and  daily routines. This is one of the most precious forms of family photography, because it captures all the little things that make your family yours and your life yours and it captures parenthood. 

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