Kimberly Kamine SF Bay Area Photographer

Kimberly Kamine

Photo credit : My BPBFF (Birth Photographer Best Friend Forever) Elizabeth Boyce of Earth Mama Photography

Well Hello.... I'm glad you stopped by.

 I am a SF Bay Area birth & family photographer and doula. My photography includes capturing families in a photojournalistic style capturing the beauty and preciousness of every day life. Family photojournalism, also known as Day in the Life photography is growing in popularity. Why not capture the beautiful moments during this season of your life?

Now that I have a studio, I am thrilled to offer luxe studio maternity photography as well as those cute newborn photography sessions where we pose sleeping babies. :)

As a pretty big baseball fan, I have come to love little league as my fiance has coached in San Francisco Little League for over 12 years. With a natural love for baseball and little league, I have combined it with my love for photography and created some treasured moments. Some of my favorite images come from these three genres that just don't seem to quite go together! Not your average Little League photographer...

When working with my birth clients, I specialize in working with HypnoBirthing, Hypnobabies and Gentle Birth mothers. I am a certified HypnoBirthing instructor and a certified Hypnobabies doula for the Bay Area. I also serve as the president on the Bay Area Birth Information Board of Directors (BABI) and have been an active member since 2013.

A few little facts about me.... I'm a nurse. You already know I LOVE babies! A few of my favorite things include Hint water, watermelon jolly ranchers, dark winter nights, cooking Thanksgiving dinner and chocolate covered pretzels from my hometown. I believe that we are always put where we are meant to be. There is a special place in my heart for those that have served our military. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about you and your family.